Welcome to the Home of HuBKleen the UK manufactured Boat Trailer Brake Flushing System.

Available as OEM or DIY Retrofit

Available  with 1/4 BSP Tap, see our store.

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About HuBKleen

Halt the salt water corrosion of your boat trailer brakes.

 HubKleen boat trailer brake flushing system will save servicing costs and time

Ever had expensive brake servicing bills?

Brakes Seized on?


Sound Familiar?


If boat trailers weren't dunked into water, less money would be spent and more time would be enjoyed on the water instead of waiting for maintenance to be completed at the trailer workshop or in your own backyard.


No need to worry HUBKLEEN IS HERE!! After a boat trailer is immersed in salt the trailer must be washed with fresh non-salt water in order to prevent salt water corrosion of the trailer's metal parts. Unfortunately, hosing the trailer down with fresh water does not rid the trailer's brake drums of salt water. Leaving such salt water in place eventually badly corrodes and impairs the function and life of the brake drums and brake actuating mechanism. Accordingly, there is a need for a means and a method of cleaning a brake drum to rid it of salt water, mud, dirt, debris, etc., in order to maintain its proper function and longevity and prevent corrosion.


Used in conjunction with our Blu Thru salt flushing system HubKleen will not only flush the salt but help to dissolve the most stubborn dried salt also.


Quick and easy to fit you will be flushing in minutes.


No drilling required in Knott Braked Hubs


Made from quality materials, HUBKLEEN is an easy to fit fresh water flushing system for boat trailer use. The HUBKLEEN will simply without drilling fit to almost any ALKO or Knott drum brake back plate; you will be flushing in minutes. These fit into the lining inspection hole in the back plate. However early back plates may need to be tapped to fit the HubKlean. In these cases you simply need to drill a 11.8mm hole, then tap the hole with a 1/4" BSP thread. Drills & Taps are available in the selection dropdown menu.


We all know salt water and trailer brakes do not mix! The last thing anyone wants is having to jack up trailer wheels to service the brakes every time their boat trailer has been used in salt-water. There is a potential for problems if you don't flush the trailer brakes with fresh water, If your brakes do seize, you can guarantee that it will be in the on position.


Less to go wrong.


Most other hub flush systems work by a network of pipes and fittings, this type of system has one entry point then the pipes distribute the water to each hub individually, this means if you have a twin axle trailer 1/4 pressure is delivered to each drum. The HUBKLEEN is attached to each drum back plate individually this will use all the mains pressure so that you will receive full pressure to each drum, which in turn will result in without question better flushing. The other down side to pipe work hub flush systems is the pipework itself, there is more to go wrong they can easily get knocked and damaged, this will not happen to a HUBKLEEN hub flush.


HubKleen Kits available:-


Material             Part Name                     Colour                    Fitting               In  Stock

Aluminium:-     HuBKleen Sport           Aluminium Silver           ¼ BSP                      Y

Delrin:-            HuBKleen Light            Black                              ¼ BSP                      Y


HubKlean + Drill        OUT OF STOCK


HubKlean + Tap             In Stock


HubKleen full fitting kit with Drill & Tap        OUT OF STOCK



All HubKleen’s come with 2 spare ‘O’ ring seals.


 Please note the images in this listing are for illustration only the actual product you receive may vary, this is dependent on material used in Manufacture. However this does not change the ease of fitting or use.


The Hose connector is not supplied.




To fit HubKleen to ALKO or Knott drum brake back plate with lining inspection hole you will just need a 18mm OE spanner. Other back plates may require drilling & tapping, should this be required we recommend removing the brake drum, to ensure a clear area on the back plate is used for fitting.


HuBkleen fitting